About Us
xtDirect was formed to help companies locate a single resource for premier teleservices and direct marketing. Located in Omaha, Nebraska (Call center capital of the world) we offer extensive call center solutions and have handpicked the best resources to bring compelling value and unique expert skill sets. Our business model allows us to choose the best solutions for our clients based on the value, merit, and expertise brought to our clients

Why Choose xtDirect?

xtDirect utilizes excellent people. In the teleservices industry the greatest challenge is having quality, well-trained people to execute your program. Very low turnover, which equates to more tenured, well-trained, and happy employees.

Compelling Value & Exceeding Client Expectations
Simply put, xtDirect is very good at supporting specific applications, industries, and niches. In multi-vendor environments and/or when being benchmarked to a clients internal operation, we will consistently outperform the other vendors and our clients organizations in terms of the metrics that the client measures success. They get results!! We are typically able to offer a combination of value that ultimately gets the client better quality, a lower cost per sale/call resolved, better service levels, etc. while providing high value results.

Pertinent Experience
xtDirect specializes in certain applications or serve certain industries (e.g. the cable industry, the healthcare industry, mortgage lead generation for sub-prime, or collections across many industries, etc.). We will match clients with our internal and external resources that have the pertinent successful experience, infrastructure, business model and ambition for that particular application.

Fortune 1000 Clients
xtDirect is working with premier companies in the market place for each of their industries and applications served.

Nimble & Lean Organizations
xtDirect is a entrepreneurial, solution-oriented company that will get the job done correctly and in a timely manner. Rather than feeling like a small fish in a big pond, our clients feel like true partners with xtDirect.