All of the applications below can be supported domestically or offshore in English or Spanish:

High Volume Outbound, Inbound or DRTV
Low Volume Outbound and Inbound Sales
Offshore - Multiple Countries, Providers & Applications
First Party Collections/Fraud Management
Home Based Agents
Technical Support
Other Services

High Volume Outbound, Inbound or DRTV
These needs can be fulfilled domestically in traditional call centers, or utilizing "At-Home" remote agents and off-shore depending on a company's needs. We can provide your company with industry leading solutions in large scalable domestic call centers, DRTV and IVR solutions. With locations throughout the US and work with many Fortune 1000 clients supporting multiple verticals with many solutions. We will build an organization and solution around your desired operations, utilizing resources, state of the art technology, and tools available at hand.

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Low Volume Outbound and Inbound Sales
xtDirect has call centers located in rural Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Florida as well as "At-Home" remote agent solutions that can compete on a price-point with offshore. Ideal for smaller volume (500 to 10,000 hours/month) outbound or inbound teleservices, our clients receive results-oriented production, quality service, and competitive pricing. With little employee turnover, which equates to more mature, qualified agents providing excellent results. The technology and telephony are second to none because the local phone companies in the towns where these call centers reside are also stakeholders in the success of the call centers. Results don't lie, in most multi-vendor environments these centers consistently rank number one. Due to their lack of marketing and size, they are diamonds in the rough - untapped valuable resources. Their client lists are impressive including everything from smaller regional banks to Fortune 500 companies.

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Offshore - Nearshore
We can provide calling from countries that best meet your type of call, preice and quality goals...

US Domestic and Hispanic in:
  • • US Large Capacity Centers
  • • US Rural High Touch Low Turn-over Centers
  • • US High Quality "At-Home Agent" or remote agent solutions

  • • Jamaica
  • • Panama
  • • Dominican Republic
  • • Costa Rica

  • • Philippines
  • • Keyna
  • • Egypt
  • • Saudi Arabia
  • • Brazil
  • • Packistan
  • • And More!

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First Party Collections/Fraud Management

xtDirect's first party outbound calling campaigns have proven benefits including:

  • • Improved Roll and Cure Rates!
  • • Bilingual
  • • U.S. based traditional contact centers
  • • U.S. home agent/collector
  • • Nearshore contact centers - Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Puerto Rico

    Typically 40% saving over U.S. Traditional yet all the same control (1.5 hour flight from Miami)
  • • Offshore - Philippines, Ghana and Kenya
  • • Pre-charge off calls deliver more than double the response of a written notice
  • • Pre-charge off calls generate a higher percentage of payments than written notices
  • • 70 to 85 percent of customers contacted pay or make arrangements
  • • Reduce operating expenses

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Home Based Agents

We can handle all of your inbound and outbound calls for:

  • • Customer Acquisition
  • • First Party Collections
  • • Customer Service
  • • Surveys
  • • Customer Retention
  • • Political Outbound
  • • Fundraising

Typical savings of 25% over traditional U.S. contact centers!!!

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Technical Support
We can provide level I, II, & III technical support from either Chicago, Illinois, India, Philippines, rural call centers and "At Home" agents. Due to their unique and effective business model and self-empowered work teams, you are able to see savings of 15% to 40% over other domestic options and they provide awesome results and service. We can assume performance and accountability risks by preferring to price on a per call or per incident basis.

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Other Services

  • • List Providers
  • • Call Center Consultants
  • • Call Center IT Consultants
  • • Hosted Dialer and ACD services
  • • Fulfillment
  • • Integration of Services
  • • Vendor and Data Management

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