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With unemployment rates tripling in the second quarter of 2020, contractors handling government unemployment services have their work cut out for them. In April, the unemployment rate rose to 14.7%, up from 4.4% in March and 3.6% in April 2019. Let us relieve the burden and help you stay ahead of the curve in processing unemployment claims.

We handle the hiring, training, and management of unemployment claims representatives so that your organization can concentrate on policy and results.

Our Services

We are a full-service recruiting agency for unemployment claims representatives. Here are some of the services we provide to relieve the uptick in unemployment claims due to COVID-19:

  • Marketing for open positions
  • Recruitment of qualified candidates
  • Background and other required checks
  • Training
  • Representative management
  • Hours tracking
  • Contact tracing


Recruitment / Onboarding Services

From advertising open positions to reaching hiring goals, we handle the recruitment process from A to Z. Our professional recruiters find and attract qualified resources to serve as unemployment services agents.

After we document your employment needs, we produce the job requirements, review applications, and screen likely candidates. Then, we focus on selecting the right representatives.

We can simultaneously onboard dozens or hundreds of representatives. Our account management team works directly with hiring managers to ensure we have all the necessary tools to integrate contractors into your organization’s culture. This may include online training videos, team meetings, printed materials, and orientation classes.

When we’re done, our employees understand how to support your state unemployment office effectively and where to turn for guidance.


Representative Management Services

Our services include ongoing management of unemployment services representatives. Let us handle hours tracking, training, quality assurance, and coaching to ensure continuous improvement and retention rates.

Our trainers prepare representatives and guide their progress, emphasizing the need for performance improvement to attain productivity goals. We stress metrics that improve customer satisfaction and produce the highest amount of high-quality claims processing.

We partner with reliable technology partners to track worked hours and breaks.

Let us handle all the administrative tasks that come with hiring dozens of new employees at once. We strive to keep representatives motivated and on task from day one.


Contact Tracing Services

We also offer contract tracing services for state governments. The COVID-19 crisis has triggered a need for representatives who can handle sensitive contact calls. We recruit individuals who can pick up skills quickly and adapt to changing needs.

Contact tracing helps government and private agencies trace those who may have come in contact with victims of COVID-19. This vital public health service requires a specialized skill set and ongoing feedback, which we provide as part of our concierge services to government agencies.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to discuss your immediate need for government unemployment services agents.

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