Managed Cloud Call Center Technology

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xtDirect is a leading business process outsourcing service provider based in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Use our outsourcing center with managed cloud call center technology to increase your sales and exceed customer expectations. xtDirect offers cloud call center services for a range of customer requirements in every industry.

Using cloud-based technology can help you save time and money. Cloud services can be up-sized or downsized based on your requirements. This means that you only pay for what you need. You also do not need to invest in a mega infrastructure in advance for possible growth; which can save you considerable time and money.

Managed cloud call center technology with xDirect

Using our cloud-based services; you can offer comprehensive call center support services to your customers. Our BPO outsourcing services have a specific design that helps you reduce expenses that associate with infrastructure and expenses. This makes us one of the best process outsourcing companies.

xtDirect has multiple packages which allow you to manage your call center economically. As a global solutions call center provider, we also strive to offer our clients solutions that can increase their business performance; and drive unprecedented growth.

Our cloud services can also be useful for inbound and outbound services. This allows you to respond to your customers more efficiently than your competition. With our range of dedicated services, you will be able to enhance customer experience and satisfaction, which will also increase your Return on Investment (ROI). Our cloud-based services are quick, reliable and enhances voice quality than other BPO, call center companies in the market.