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Use our outsourcing center with managed cloud call center technology to increase your sales and exceed customer expectations. xtDirect offers cloud call center services for a range of customer requirements in every industry.

xtDirect is an expert in the provision of call center services with an experience of more than 16 years in the industry. Our full service call center outsourcing is ideal for medium and large businesses that are looking for comprehensive call center solutions, including inbound and outbound calls.

Business efficiency and competency are necessary for surviving in today’s highly competitive markets. Hence, reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction are crucial aspects for ensuring relevancy and growth.

Call center is an integral part of the customer relationship management (CRM). Hence, it is necessary that you offer premium call center services for increased customer satisfaction.

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We are based in Omaha Nebraska, Call Center Capital of the World. The entire industry started in Omaha in the 80’s!

We eat, sleep and breathe call centers!

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Advantages of Acquiring Call Center Outsourcing Companies

Advantages of Acquiring Call Center Outsourcing Companies

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4 Tips for Call center services Agents to Improve Customer Experience

4 Tips for Call center services Agents to Improve Customer Experience

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Why You Should Hire Outsourcing Companies?

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March 3, 2018

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