About Us

xtDirect is a leading business process outsourcing service provider based on Omaha Nebraska. Since 2001, xtDirect has been helping enterprises from varied regions and sectors to run their business operations smoothly by providing a gamut of business process outsourcing services and solutions – call center consulting, full service call center outsourcing, business process and QA outsourcing, and managed cloud call center technology.


With over 16 years experience, xtDirect has build an unblemished reputation by providing custom business process outsourcing services to businesses of varied types and scales. We have accumulated the skill, resources, and technology required to provide the best guidance to an enterprise regardless of its industry and location. We have already expertise in helping many enterprises to optimize their business processes and operations.


What Makes xtDirect Stand Out in the Business Process Outsourcing Marketplace?

  • Over 16 years experience in providing call center services
  • Expertise in providing business process outsourcing services to enterprises from various sectors
  • Help businesses to boost sales by leveraging managed cloud call center technology
  • Help enterprises to improve customer satisfaction and reduce operational cost by providing business process and QA outsourcing service
  • Enhance customer experience and engagement by providing premium call center services
  • Combine skill, technology and resources to maintain 100% professional integrity
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