Business Process and QA Outsourcing

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xtDirect is a leading business process outsourcing service provider based in Omaha, Nebraska.

Business efficiency and competency are necessary for surviving in today’s highly competitive markets. Hence, reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction are crucial aspects for ensuring relevancy and growth. xtDirect is an effective (BPO) Business Process and QA outsourcing provider with global outreach.

Due to competitive market conditions, businesses need to optimize their capabilities by ensuring that they maintain high-quality assurance for increased customer satisfaction. xtDirect offers comprehensive QA outsourcing solutions for small, medium and large businesses.

Our team is qualified and will commit to excellence. This means that your business will have its evaluations based on industry standards. Our business process and QA outsourcing aim to optimize your operational capacity by increasing the effectiveness of your processes. In addition, our business process and QA outsourcing will gear up toward optimizing your products and service quality, thereby increasing your business competencies.

Outsourcing your BPR and QA to xtDirect will help you in evaluating and analyzing your business capabilities from a bird’s eye view. Our analytical capabilities can also help you in identifying critical processes in order to improve your overall business performance.

Our BPO and QA outsourcing solutions will save you the time and money needed to structure an effective QA department. This is because we have the necessary resources at immediate disposal, meaning your QA can be set-up immediately.

Our comprehensive range of services can uplift your operational capabilities to provide multiple solutions under one roof.