Full Service Contact Center Outsourcing

xtDirect is an expert in the provision of call center services with an experience of more than 16 years in the industry. Our full service contact center outsourcing is ideal for businesses that are looking for comprehensive call center solutions, including inbound and outbound calls.

We collaborate with our clients to understand their business and recommend a viable plan which suits their requirements. We also offer custom designed software to enhance the operational capabilities of internal call centers.

Our wide range of services benefits our clients as they include an effective plan with minimal costs. We are a complete outsourcing provider with on call answering service and outbound services. Businesses that outsource their call center management to us can benefit from increased Return on Investments (ROI) and increased user satisfaction.

Typically, a contact center is the strategic outpost of a business which aims to maximize user satisfaction and experience. xtDirect creates innovative technologies for the following:

  • Managed Cloud Contact Center Technology
  • Full service contact center outsourcing
  • Business Process and QA Outsourcing
  • Contact Center Consulting

These services can help increase user satisfaction which is bound to reflect positively on your business.

With a global presence, we operate in different locations around the world. Our flexibility and reliability makes us the preferred choice among other businesses. We have the necessary skills and technology to handle contact center outsourcing for any business or industry. xtDirect offers a global response service at competitive pricing to increase your business output with minimal costs.

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