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xtDirect is a leading business process outsourcing service provider based in Omaha, Nebraska.

Call center is an integral part of the customer relationship management (CRM). Hence, it is necessary that you offer premium call center consulting services for increased customer satisfaction.

Outsourcing call center services can allow you to effectively resolve customers’ queries while ensuring reduced costs typically associated with in-house support centers. Also, managing inbound and outbound call centers can be tedious and challenging. You need expert knowledge in the field to optimize your call center efficiency and enhance user experience.

xtDirect is a BPO call center consultant with years of experience in the field. Since inception, we have managed to strategically stay ahead of our competitors due to a diverse range of services and high-quality products. As the leaders in the field of business call center services, we can also offer expert advice on how to run or manage your in-house call centers.

Our strategies and campaigns are effective for increasing customer satisfaction. Most businesses would not know the type of equipment they need to install to manage their call center. Our consultancy services include a thorough analysis of the different elements of your company, including your operational capacity, the area of operations, industry type, etc. Based on our evaluation, wer recommend the ideal call center strategy to minimize your operational costs and maximize your returns.

Our consultancy team can offer expert advice on how to set-up and manage your call center services in order to increase your customer satisfaction and ROI. Contact us with your business details and one of our representatives will shortly get in touch with you.